Atlas Cables launch New Equator high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet

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1st May 2012 – Kilmarnock, Scotland – Technology-driven British audio video cable manufacturer, Atlas Cables, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of HDMI cables, setting a new standard of picture and sound quality.  The cable is significantly thinner and more flexible than its specialist competitors  making installation and cable dressing particularly easy.

The new Atlas Equator High Speed HDMI with Ethernet features ACTIVE equalisation circuitry for all lengths, reducing jitter rates to a minimum. Supporting 1080p 3D and higher resolution video formats and all HDMI audio formats (including Audio Return), the new Equator High-Speed HDMI aims to re-set the standard amongst premium HDMI cables and separate science fact from marketing fiction. The Atlas Cables Equator HDMI is available now

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Significantly, all Atlas Equator HDMI cables have active equalisation technology – even in its 1 metre length cables. Proprietary circuitry built into the plug keeps the impedance constant, thus reducing jitter – the number one performance killer in digital audio video systems. Crucially, the active circuitry is designed specifically to the length of cable, which means that no matter what the length, every Atlas Equator HDMI cable retains consistent high performance.

Unlike other HDMI cables, which use twisted-pair conductors, the Atlas Equator HDMI uses individually screened conductors which are run in parallel pairs and then screened again. This technique, combined with the use of precision cutting technology, ensures that every conductor is identical in length. As a result, there is zero time difference between any of the conductors and jitter is reduced yet again.

Each conductor is high-purity OFC copper, which has been silver-plated to improve high-speed propagation. Extensive screening around each individual differential pair as well as the overall cable helps keep out any harmful RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference), effectively eradicating any of the unwanted interference which can have such a detrimental effect on the delicate signals that travel along the cable length.

As with all of its products, the connector plugs for the Equator HDMI is a unique Atlas Cables design and has been engineered to be the best in class. Hidden within the head shell are the proprietary active components, but the engineering does not stop there. The die cast metal plug and head-shell connector has been designed to increase pull resistance and to improve plug retention as it has a tighter and more consistent fit that eradicates any annoying accidental picture loss. It is this attention to detail that sets Atlas Cables apart from other brands.

Commenting on the new Atlas Equator HDMI, John Carrick, Sales and Marketing Director for Atlas Cables said, “Every aspect of our new HDMI cables has been designed to enhance picture and sound quality. By stripping away the problems inherent with HDMI and overcoming those issues with applied engineering, we feel we have developed a product that will re-set the bar to which premium HDMI cables will need to be judged.”