ChameleonPlus Interconnect

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As the seasons move, in one month, from Spring to Summer to Spring to Winter and back to Summer, Chord has launched the new ChameleonPlus interconnect. Like the Summer sky the ChameleonPlus is brilliant blue.

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ChameleonPlus contains four identical sets of silver-plated, multi-stranded, oxygen-free copper conductors. Each set of conductors is insulated with Teflon. The four sets of conductors are surrounded, damped and held with a natural fibre wrap that minimises mechanically induced noise and ensures that the conductors are held precisely in position.
A heavy-gauge foil shield then wraps around the conductors. A further high-density, heavily lapped shield is then applied to the cable. The cable is then covered with a soft PVC jacket, again to help minimise mechanically induced noise and improve consistency of conductor positioning, before a final hard PVC outer jacket is applied for protection.

Terminated with Chord’s own silver-plated Teflon insulated RCA plugs, ChameleonPlus uses the same conductor configuration as Chord’s high-end Indigo Plus. A single set of silver-plated, multi-stranded, oxygen-free copper conductors insulated with Teflon carry the signal, and two sets of identical conductors make the signal return.

This is a cable configuration that Chord has developed to enhance a cable’s ability to carry, accurately, an audio signal across an extended bandwidth and brings improvements in detail evenly across the audio band. This cable configuration also allows Chord to configure the ChameleonPlus as a fully balanced XLR terminated cable, wired in the same single signal conductor dual return configuration as the ChameleonPlus RCA.

The Chameleon Silver Plus interconnect that it replaces was a hugely popular and compatible interconnect that worked with a whole variety of wonderful hi-fi systems. The new ChameleonPlus builds on this performance and offers improved dynamics, greater detail over a wider frequency range and a remarkably precise stereo image.
Chord ChameleonPlus is available from stock terminated with RCA or XLR plugs. Other variants are to special order.

Conductors:              Four silver-plated, multi-stranded, oxygen-free copper 26 awg
Insulation:               Conductor insulation Teflon.
Damping                   Natural Fibre Wrap
Shields:                    Heavy Gauge Foil 25% overlap
High density OFC copper
Shield Surround:  Soft PVC
Outer Jacket:        Hard PVC