Chord Company launches USB SilverPlus

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Responding to demand from computer audiophiles requesting a Chord quality USB cable, the USB SilverPlus launches with no pretensions to technical supremacy through advanced materials or unique construction techniques. It does however benefit from twenty years’ experience in designing cables that make a real difference.

USB SilverPlus is based on the technical understanding and empirical experience that developing successful cables bring.

Like all Chord products the Chord USB SilverPlus arrives with the suggestion that prospective purchasers listen to the cable and form their own conclusions. Chord retailers will normally offer a home trial period.

Of course a Chord cable isn’t ever a simple off the shelf remedy; it is an exclusive design from Chord in Amesbury, near Stonehenge, England.

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The USB SilverPlus features heavy gauge silver-plated twisted pair data conductors.

Chord feels that the use of silver-plated conductors is critical to high-speed signal transfer. The twisted pair configuration significantly reduces noise and cross talk. The heavy gauge conductors also ensure excellent performance over lengths of up to 5 metres.

Gas-foamed polyethylene is used as a primary insulation material as it has an extremely low dielectric measurement, and this contributes to a cable’s ability to carry high-speed data accurately.


High frequency effective shielding is a vital component of every Chord Interconnect.  The dual-layer shield on the USB SilverPlus is comprised of a high-density braid and a heavy gauge foil. This same combination is used on Chord’s award-winning HDMI cables.


Heavily gold-plated signal pins and plug surround ensure long-term signal integrity.


Damping vibration is another area of cable design that Chord takes extremely seriously.
Like many other Chord cables, a special soft PVC outer jacket is used to minimise the effects of any vibration the cable is subject to.  The soft jacket is extremely strong and gives an ideal combination of flexibility and protection.


Available from mid-September in 0.75, 1.5, 3 and 5 metre lengths.