Focal launches UK Special Edition Chorus series

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Focal UK today announced the launch of a new series of special edition loudspeakers exclusive to the UK market. The new series, the Chorus 800V W UK Special Edition, feature Focal’s very special W cone sandwich and is finished is high gloss black.

Originally launched in 2006 the Focal Chorus range has been a consistently popular range worldwide. The 800V W UK special editions are the result a special request from Focal UK to add the W Cone technology to the Chorus Series.

Focal’s W Cone Sandwich’s name is derived from W= V+V where Verre is glass.  The cone is a sandwich of two very fine layers of woven glass either side of a structural foam which has a unique stiffness:mass ratio. In addition the various combinations of thickness of glass tissues with the thickness of the foam allow Focal to almost ‘dial in’ the particular performance of the cone they require. Focal’s view is that major performance improvements should come from drive units rather than fixing problems later in the crossover.

An analogy would be a professional photographer taking a little longer over the shot so as not to have to ‘sort it’ in Photoshop later.

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The W cones bring an increase in micro-dynamics and information retrieval. The standard Chorus series is no slouch in this area but the W cones add an extra level of detail and realism to the performance.

The Focal W cone also used on its Utopia and Electra ranges both of which have one many international awards and commendations.

The attention to detail in drive unit design extends to the Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome TNV tweeter. The inverted dome HF unit is rigid, light and fast and very smooth with an extended response to 28kHz.

The systems are high-sensitivity designs – a Focal design imperative. They are easy amplifier loads and vitally dynamic.

The cabinet construction has a non-parallel inner wall structure to reduce internal standing waves and has 25mm MDF sides for extreme rigidity.

The Focal Chorus 800V W Special Edition series includes

806V W                         2 way bass reflex bookshelf                    £799.00

816V W                         2-1/2 way bass reflex floor standing       £1699.00

826V W                         3 way bass reflex floor standing              £2099.00

836V W                         3-way bass reflex floor standing             £2499.00

CC800V W                    2 way bass reflex centre channel            £549.00

SW800V W                   11” bass reflex subwoofer                       £999.00

Floorstanding models have a cast Aluminium base to aid stability and to control the exit flow of the downward firing port.

Quoting Gérard Chrétien Focal’s managing director, the Chorus 800V W series is “affordable high-end”. The series embodies Focal in being the “The Spirit of Sound – with values of technology, pleasure, performance and tradition”.

Available now.