Focal: Sound “Made in France” goes to Las Vegas!

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Focal, the flagship of French acoustic quality, will once again be demonstrating its emblematic expertise and unique experience at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES) to be held in Las Vegas from 7th to 10th January. For Focal, the CES 2014 is an opportunity to demonstrate its power of innovation face to face with its prestigious competitors. During this CES, a favourite exhibition for historic high-end audio brands, Focal will be proving to attendees that it has no problems rivaling other brands when it comes to the melody of perfection…

Focal Press Release CES2014 French

Dimension: The sound bar revelation

Focal will be taking advantage of CES 2014 to confirm its reputation and ambition more than ever by revealing its new gem of the audio world: Dimension sound bar, which is already one of the most anticipated audio products of 2014. With five patented ultra-flat speaker drivers covering a very wide bandwidth, Dimension opens the way for an array of possibilities for adding sound to your TV, whether it’s for films, TV series or video games.

Being less than 3in depth (65mm), Dimension can be placed in front of the screen or mounted to a wall for a unique 5.0 audio experience. When combined with Dimension Sub, the optional ultra-flat subwoofer on which your screen can stand, Dimension delivers incredibly rich and powerful 5.1 sound over six channels with a total power of 450W. To all you music lovers, this major rendezvous with Dimension will redefine the acoustic codes of the Home-Cinema world with the advantages of integration.

Short Video about Dimension

Recommended retail price (piece):
Dimension (1399$) / Dimension Sub ( 499$) / Dimension + Dimension Sub (1699$ ) – Available second half of 2014

Suite 29335 – Venetian Hotel

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Grande Utopia EM: Playing the diva in Las Vegas

Nearly 80in (2m) and 572lbs (260kg) of pure acoustic engineering, Grande Utopia EM will be playing the diva in Las Vegas. This third generation of the iconic loudspeaker launched in 2008 will be exhibited in such exceptional circumstances for the first time. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover its unique style and extraordinary acoustics. This is a rendezvous, which is not to be missed. An embodiment of Focal’s expertise and the result of 15 years of tenacious hard work, Grande Utopia EM and its emblematic design signed by design firm Pineau & Le Porcher is customisable according to your desires. Thanks to its articulated spine-like design, the curve of the loudspeaker can be adjusted according to the listener’s position. What’s more, Grande Utopia EM has 1458 possible settings to ensure the satisfaction of today’s audiophile’s every imaginable need. Attendees of the CES, the individuals and the professionals, the traditionalists and the curious, are all invited to experience just how Grande Utopia meets even the highest of demands in this quest for absolute perfection.

Recommended retail price (pair): 200000$ – Available now

Suite 35207 – Venetian Hotel

Stella Utopia EM: The return of a legend

The little sister of Grande Utopia EM, Stella Utopia EM “only” measures 61in (1.55m) and weighs 584lbs (165kg). Offering the same delightful sound as its big sister, this 3-way loudspeaker features 13in (33cm) “W” cones driven by the same Electro-Magnet as Grande Utopia EM. Stella Utopia EM can also be personalised thanks to the 243 settings, providing an inimitable, rich sound. During the CES 2014, Focal will reveal the magnificent sound of this incredible loudspeaker to be demonstrated with brand New Naim electronics. –

Recommended retail price (pair): 100 000$
- Available now

Suite 30235 – Venetian Hotel

Aria and Easya: The reinvention of high-fidelity

Focal’s most recent loudspeakers combine passion and innovation. Their affordability also makes Focal sound accessible to the masses.
Various models of the Aria 900 range will be showcased at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas for the first time. What really distinguishes this range is the use of ecological Flax cones, made in France. The bass and midrange transducers as well as the TNF inverted dome tweeters have already received great praise. By combining mineral and organic materials, the cabinet and the finishes add a touch of natural elegance.

Recommended retail price (pair): from 3000$ (Aria 906) to 10 000$ (Aria 948) – Available now

As concerns Easya loudspeakers, they naturally satisfy the needs of modern consumers of downloaded music. They are the perfect solution for listening to audio content wirelessly from a PC, a smartphone or a tablet in optimal conditions. This “post-docking” product by excellence totally respects Focal’s Spirit of Sound philosophy whilst providing high-quality wireless audio thanks to the 2.5 way floor-standing amplified loudspeakers (85W RMS), which connect to your mobile devices instantly. One of Easya’s secrets lies in the Hub which transmits CD-quality sound with no loss of quality and no compression.

Recommended retail price (system): 2 799$
- Available now

Suite 29335 – Venetian Hotel

Focal contact at The CES, Las Vegas : Gérard Chrétien