Introducing Power-Line Lite

Uncategorized By Apr 10, 2017

Naim today announced that its newly designed mains plug, has now replaced the MK mains plug that was fitted by Naim to all its standard mains cables. The new cable assembly, called Power-Line Lite, is now supplied with all products except for 500 Series and Statement which will continue to be supplied with the original high-end Power-Line.

Power-Line Lite is also available as an accessory at a cost of £95 inc. VAT.

Power-Line Lite was developed alongside Naim’s Classic and new Uniti ranges and is considered by Naim to be a performance upgrade. It uses the mains cable Naim have trusted in its listening tests for over 15 years. The new mains plug has a thermoset resin case with floating pins for superior electrical contact and utilises the same decoupling techniques used in the original Power-Line.