Naim launches New Free n-Stream 3.0 app

Uncategorised By Jun 25, 2012

n-Stream 3.0 (Naim’s network player controller) is a fundamental rewrite of Naim’s n‑Stream universal app delivering far greater speed of operation along with major features such as playlists. In addition to album art when sorting or playing, n-Stream 3.0 can deliver rich experiential supporting data like sleeve notes, artist biographies and discographies and enough background information to keep even the geekiest music lover happy.

 The latest version of Naim’s control app for its network-connected streaming products (ND5 XS, NDX, NDS, UnitiQute, NaimUniti and SuperUniti) has been updated. n-Stream 3.0 for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch adds greatly increased speed especially when controlling the larger than average music collections of a great deal of Naim owners. Playlists can now by built, controlled and saved on the fly with the knowledge that even if the iPod or iPad switches, off the music continues.

n-Stream 3.0 adds Expanded Music Information for the first streaming controller experience that approaches the LP sleeve and goes one further.  Better than the CD sleeve information, as it’s dynamic, always up to date, includes hyperlinks for further reading and unlike CD booklets it’s always readable.

These updates bring n-Stream not only up-to-date in its competitive offering, but take it past the competition; delivering a hugely rich, easily usable, rewarding experience for its user. In combination with Naim’s award-winning streaming products it is an unbeatable combination.

n-Stream now delivers expanded music information delivered by the might of the huge Rovi database. An Info button has been added, which enables to user to start on a journey of informative musical discovery. On an iPad, once a track is playing, pressing the Info button within n-Stream reveals a specifically created virtual CD booklet that contains all the information about the album and artist you would expect to find in a traditional CD pack, and more. Alongside the usual cover art, performer, producer and credits, the booklet also features biographies, images, discography, album reviews, and similar music suggestions. Links from the booklet open up to reveal content direct from Rovi’s vast database of music information. On iPhone and iPod Touch the expanded information is available directly from the ‘now playing’ screen.

UPnP Playlist Features

  • UPnPTM browsing speed has been significantly increased
  • UPnPTM lists are now alphabetically sorted
  • UPnPTM playlist and play queue functionality has been added
  • Playlists can now be built, queued and stored
  • User can now add tracks or whole albums to the play queue while listening, previously the user had to select and listen one at a time
  • Swipe left from ‘Now playing’ screen will now display the play queue complete with cover art
  • The play queue can be saved as a playlist for future listening
  • Playlists can be built up from tracks in your library as you listen
  • Playlists are stored on the iPad / iPhone / iPod and can be transferred to other iPad, iPhone and iPod devices via iTunes
  • After the user has created a playlist and started it playing the iPad, iPhone or iPod can be switched off and the Naim streamer will continue to play the playlist
  • The play queue and playlists support tracks from any UPnPTM server

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Playlist functionality is only available currently with NaimUniti 2.  A software update – currently in closed beta – will be available for Naim’s other network-connected streaming products (ND5 XS, NDX, NDS, UnitiQute, NaimUniti and SuperUniti), enabling playlists, from n-Stream 3.0, in four-six weeks.