Naim launches new slimline Power Supply

Uncategorised By Dec 07, 2011

Naim announced that they would start shipping their new XP5 XS power supply today. The XP5 XS which comes complete with Burndy lead is designed to significantly improve the performance of the ND5 XS network player as well as delivering a major performance upgrade to the Naim DAC, NDX network player, CDX2 (models with and without S/PDIF), CDX , CDS2 and CDS3  CD players as well as the multi award-winning HDX hard disk player.

Naim’s retailers reacted very positively when presented with the plan for the XP5 XS. In some cases they had perceived it as a product missing from the range and most saw a need for a lower-priced slimline power supply matching the Naim DAC and ND5 XS.

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XP5 XS sits below the XPS and 555 PS supplies in the performance hierarchy but still delivers superb value for money. It’s a more accessible product with a wider market potential especially given its compatibility with Naim’s legacy products. Advance orders are already higher than anticipated.

Power supplies have always been a significant part of the Naim product catalogue. Almost from the beginning of the brand it was recognised that adding a better power supply could increase the performance of a Naim preamplifier. This philosophy has been extended over time to include CD players, DACs and now network players.


  • Custom designed (400VA) toroidal transformer
  • Multiple regulated outputs via the Burndy socket
  • Ceramic heat couplers for low capacitance
  • Naim slimline XS series, non-magnetic case
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

High-end application note

Customers with Naim’s higher-end systems often separate their equipment onto two stacks of Naim Fraim. One Fraim being nominated Brain; signifying products without power supplies. The other Fraim carrying the power supplies and internally powered products, being called Brawn. This keeps electromagnetic fields and vibrations generated by power supplies away from the more sensitive source and pre-amplifier products.

Customers have already been talking about the possibility of the XP5 XS being ideal to power the NDX when the NDX is used with the Naim DAC and 555 PS. This enables the NDX to then sit comfortably on the Brains Fraim thus giving it the best possible environment.