NaimNet delivers Wall Speakers

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Wall Speakers that deliver a Totally Superior Performance. Wall speakers that disappear or add to room style

Home Technology Event ExCel London 15 June 2010. NaimNet today launches a range of specialist high-end in- and on-wall loudspeakers. They will be available in July.

These NNLS speakers are the result of responding to feedback from installers and specifiers. Most NaimNet installers felt that the market was glutted with low-performance in- or on-wall loudspeakers, but that there was a shortage of CI speakers that truly performed.

The NNLS loudspeakers are of heavy and solid construction, as one would expect of a NaimNet design. Cabinets are of solid substantial CNC routed HDRB with solid aluminium baffles for the NNLS02 and NNLS03. High performance drive units utilising the latest materials technology are responsible for the impressive audio performance. The long-throw bass units with pressure-cast aluminium-alloy baskets deliver high power handling and realistic sound pressure levels. The mid- and high-frequency units employ similarly advanced technology and have high power handling for performance and reliability.

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The HDRB cabinets can be sprayed or hand painted to any colour to match a client’s décor. In addition, the grilles can be painted or printed with a design to suit their environment. NaimNet Custom Art Print grilles are also available separately to enable the client to change the look and feel of the room at will.

The in-wall models require a maximum of 90mm depth so that they will mount into any standard inner or outer stud wall, including standard European metal framed stud wall systems. The cabinets mount into a simple rectangular cut-out with solid aluminium mounting toggles to ensure a rigid vibration-free mounting into materials from 10 to 40mm thickness. Substantial terminals allowing bare wire or spade connectors are recessed. This, together with wire channels in the cabinet back allows cable routing without increasing effective cabinet depth.

The on-wall models simply mount with either two- or four-point wall fixings. Channels in the cabinet back make invisible routing of the cables very easy.

NNLS02 and NNLS03 designs include a pair of mid-range units configured to reduce side radiation, thereby reducing reflections from adjacent walls – the controlled directivity making them ideal as front left, right or centre channels as they are less affected by room acoustics and will produce a sharper more solid stereo image.

The wider dispersion of the NNLS01 makes it suitable for softer furnished rooms, surround channels or areas where sound is required across a wider area

The cabinets are closed-back reflex aligned to ensure the maximum performance in every mounting position. The port flow is carefully optimised and laminar flow is achieved using a selected felt lining to the slotted port.

Designed from the outset to deliver realistic, accurate and enjoyable music, movies and speech reproduction these speakers are not poor substitutes for free-space designs. Speech especially is a major failing of most in- or on-wall loudspeakers. BBC Radio Four should sound like Radio Four, not as if every presenter has a heavy cold.