Naim’s UK Manufacturing Wins Place in the ‘Make it in Great Britain’ Exhibition

Uncategorised By Apr 24, 2012

Naim Audio has achieved a place at the forthcoming ‘Make it in Great Britain’ Exhibition ahead of hundreds of high-profile, high-tech competing applicants.

Naim is very proud to be chosen to exhibit among other great British innovators and British manufacturers including BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and McLaren. The exhibition will run in the Science Museum between 24th July and the 9th September.

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Naim’s interactive exhibit will tell the engineering story behind the company’s products while one of its ‘great British hi-fi systems’ plays ‘great British music’ for visitors to enjoy.

The Science Museum will host the ‘Make it in Great Britain’ exhibition, which will showcase some of the most exciting British manufacturing developments and explore the positive impact they have on our lives. The exhibition will celebrate the country’s manufacturing champions and demonstrate leading products and processes from a wide range of manufacturing industries.

The exhibition will be the culmination of the ‘Make it in Great Britain campaign, which was launched in November 2011 and led by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills. Make it in Great Britain is a campaign that aims to transform the image of manufacturing and highlight the successes of the sector.

Naim Audio’s Managing Director, Paul Stephenson commented: “The ‘Make it in Great Britain’ campaign is a brilliant concept that will open people’s eyes to the great work being carried out up and down the country in British manufacturing.” Paul continued “The exhibition will serve as the campaign’s big finale and we are extremely proud to be featured alongside many great names from the British manufacturing industry. It will be a great experience to share our passion for music with a new audience.”