New from Chord: CobraPlus interconnect

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Spring may be late, but green is the colour for April at The Chord Company as April brings the new Chord CobraPlus interconnect cable.

At £66.00 for a one metre pair of RCA to RCA cables, CobraPlus represents a considered purchase. Cobra 3, the previous occupant of this price point was hugely successful, both in shop run demonstrations and also in the “take it home, try it and bring it back if you’re not happy’ type of demonstration.
CobraPlus therefore needed to build on the performance of Cobra 3 and deliver significant improvements.  It does.

CobraPlus takes its design cues from other interconnects throughout the Chord range.

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The twisted-pair configuration conductors are 22awg multi-strand oxygen-free copper, insulated with a low-density polyethylene. Four runs of soft cotton thread run alongside the insulated conductors providing superior mechanical damping. This is all gently wrapped with a layer of natural fibre before a high-density woven braid shield is applied.

This is then surrounded by a heavy-gauge foil shield applied with a 25% overlap, to improve shielding efficiency still further. A soft PVC inner jacket adds further mechanical damping and avoids microphony, while a harder PVC outer protects the overall cable.

The combination is remarkably effective at doing what it sets out to do – to be an interconnect that adds nothing and, perhaps more importantly, removes nothing.  This makes CobraPlus a remarkable compatible interconnect: transparent to source and capable of producing great results over both short and long runs.

Chord CobraPlus can be supplied terminated in RCA or Din plugs as standard – other variants are to special order.