SuperShield – New budget HDMI cable from Chord

Uncategorized By May 19, 2009

Chord’s new and extremely pretty SuperShield HDMI is available now and will cost £49.95 for a 1 metre, £69.95 for a 3 metre and £89.95 for a 5 metre cable.

It’s targeted at the entry-level end of the specialist market where the performance:price ratio is absolutely critical.

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But entry-level at Chord is just an expression that means a greater challenge.

The SuperShield is HDMI 1.3b certified.

It uses 26awg oxygen free copper conductors for high conductivity, and low density gas filled polyethylene insulation for its excellent dielectric properties.

Each of the pairs of conductors are protected by a dual-foil shield, and the overall cable is additionally shielded by a foil and a high density braid, effective to high frequencies in traditional Chord fashion.

Gold-plated connectors, soldered with Chord’s chosen lead-free solder, help to achieve the best performance and complete the package of an extremely cost effective HDMI cable for the new world economy.