The Queen approves Award to Naim Audio

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21 April 2010. Salisbury, England. Naim Audio is pleased to announce today that Her Majesty The Queen has approved the Prime Minister’s recommendation that a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category should be conferred on the company.

The Queen’s Award celebrates the Queen’s birthday and six years of continuous growth in Naim’s export sales – a remarkable achievement given the world economy.

Export sales over this period can be visualised as the distinctive and attractive Naim cartons reaching from the ground to a height of about two and a half times the height of Mount Everest or the height that James May flew in a U2 spy plane – 70000 feet.

Naim’s organic growth over the years has been characterised by a steady increase in sales and profits together with a gradual controlled growth in exports. The last few years however have seen a rapid increase in growth especially in export markets.

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This growth has been fuelled by Naim’s increasing R&D team enabling significant product launches to be hastened. Products such as SUPERNAIT – the innovative integrated amplifier including a DAC, SuperLine – probably the world’s finest moving coil phono stage, HDX – the hard disk player that sets the standard and of course the NAIT XS have driven sales to new heights.

World recession has if anything increased the demand for Naim products. All research indicates that the consumer is now making far more considered choices and is looking for longer term value rather than a short term fix. Naim’s legendary product longevity and customer service are adding an increasingly important value element to a brand already internationally renowned for hi-fi products delivering the absolute essence of the musical performance.

Managing director Paul Stephenson spoke on behalf of the staff “We are extremely proud of our British design and engineering heritage and very pleased to representing the ‘Best of British industry’ around the world. This is the second time in 25 years the Queen’s Award for Enterprise has been conferred upon Naim and it’s a real motivator”. He added as a personal note “I would like to publicly thank all the Naim employees who have worked so hard to deliver the products and performance that have enabled this growth”.