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Thursday May 21 2009. Munich High-End Show. Thorens is delighted to announce that the results of over 18 months of research and development have come to fruition in the shape of the new Thorens TD 309 Tri-Balance turntable.  The TD 309 will be available from September 2009 in a choice of Black or Red.

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About Thorens

In spite of many attempts by global players of the music business to silently edge out the vinyl record (and with it analogue music per se) from the market, we at Thorens have consequently further developed analogue technology. It is because we do believe that music still sounds best the way it’s being created, namely analogue. Exactly for this reason, we also believe that the good old vinyl record is far from taking its terminal breath.

This is even more so, since the LP starts where most CD players stop and MP3 players have already disappeared: the unspoiled, high-fidelity rendition of music. In this respect, the analogue turntable will always portray its owner as a music connoisseur who is looking for relaxation and gathering strength through music rather than one who courts short-lived trends and digital gloss-over.

For those who consider music a most important issue, the vinyl record will always be first choice. We at Thorens feel bound to analogue. This is why our products, from record player to power amplifier, only operate completely in the analogue domain, i.e. without any digital signal modulation. You can certainly hear this. This is why music lovers all over the world always associate Thorens with hi-fi components of the highest quality in sound and craftsmanship.

In order to cope with this high demand in every respect, nearly all products are still developed and manufactured in Germany.

Thorens┬« – 125 years old and still innovating.