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AudioPlus_Vert_Blue-110_WebAudioPlus is a well-established marketing consultancy delivering solutions to problems primarily, but not exclusively, to the consumer electronics industry.

The founder of AudioPlus, Steve Harris, has extensive experience in sales, marketing and general management within the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors.

The problem, of course, could be a large one requiring a thorough marketing audit followed by a marketing strategy proposal or it could be relatively small but just as necessary.

Whatever the problem, AudioPlus is the start of the solution. If AudioPlus staff can’t propose a logical and value based solution they will recommend a company with the required skill set.

Recent examples of successful projects

Ongoing public relations for-hi-tech company

Communications audit and recommendations for a large firm

Business development strategy for an organisation where the market was changing faster then it was.

Product development, for a medium sized company, in conjunction with a highly respected designer.

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