Beware QNAP NAS Firmware upgrades

Uncategorised By Nov 30, 2013

I’ve been a huge supporter of QNAP Network Attached Storage drive for years and they have been solid, reliable and quiet. What more can one ask?

However I’ve recently had problems with two of my NAS drives. ┬áMy backup music drive, a TS-212P with two 3TB Western Digital Red Hard drives failed to connect to any windows computer or a smb share from my mac ┬áThis after a firmware upgrade to Version 4.02.

A half hour or so on the phone to tech support fixed the problem with a reinstall of the same firmware.

Far more significantly, I recently upgraded my TS-469 Pro – including four 3TB Western Digital Red Hard Drives – to firmware version 4.05 and immediately could not connect to the two USB3 external drives I have connected to my NAS. Again a quick call to support confirmed the problem and enabled me to downgrade the firmware to 4.02 where everything worked again.

The strong recommendation is: Do not upgrade the firmware on a QNAP NAS drive until it has been available for a good long time and all checks on websites and forums indicate it’s safe.