Record Cleaning – as diversive as politics or religion

Record Cleaning By Feb 20, 2024

I was reminded of the massive differences of opinion by a few things this month. Roy Gregory blogging on his blog about record cleaning and his link to the ‘bible’ of record cleaning David Vivian conducted a group test of Record Cleaning Machines in the latest HiFi Choice. He reckons it was more difficult to complete than the…

Can one have too many turntables?

Turntables By Dec 17, 2023

I’m currently enjoying having my LP12 back after having it superbly updated by Colin of WYSAH in Beaconsfield. Over the past few weeks I’ve been spoilt by having a Vertere DG-1, a Vertere MG-1 and now a LP12. All with different cartridges and different phono stages and you what, I’ve enjoyed them all. Currently playing this new Marc Cohn and…

My first second-hand record purchase of 2022

Music, Vinyl Records By Jan 11, 2022

My favourite software for playing music from digital files, Roon, includes reviews or comments about most of my collection. One such comment about Hot Buttered Soul stuck in my brain. “With the release of this album, Motown suddenly seemed manufactured and James Brown a bit too theatrical.” All I can add is that if you haven’t heard this album playing…

Naim launches four new Uniti models

Uncategorized By Oct 06, 2016

New Uniti is the next incarnation of the Uniti family all-in-one players. Inspired by Naim’s passion for music, new Uniti is a highly advanced all-in-one streaming platform with five times the power of the previous generation. Combining seamless digital technology with a rich analogue soul to deliver sound quality and musical performance with ease of use and joy of ownership….

Neat introduces the Iota ALPHA

Uncategorized By May 05, 2016

Neat Acoustics has today finally confirmed that the low-down floor-standing Iota ALPHA will be available from its specialist hi-fi retailers from June 2016. Neat’s loudspeakers have long been renowned for creating big sounds from compact and elegant enclosures. However, the Iota ALPHA succeeds in stretching this concept well beyond the limits of what might be expected. More information and images

Keith Monks DiscOvery microLight Record Cleaning Machine

Uncategorised By Jan 06, 2016

International CES, Venetian Hotel Suite 29-139 Las Vegas, January 6th 2016. Keith Monks Audio today unveiled the new discOvery microLight Record Cleaning Machine. The microLight is the smallest ever Keith Monks RCM and is the smallest precision record cleaning machine ever. The cliché of a picture is worth a thousand words is so apt for the microLight, and in fact…

Be Summoned by the Sound: Introducing Mu-so Qb by Naim

Uncategorised By Jan 06, 2016

Wednesday 6th January 2016. International CES, Suite 30-233 Venetian Hotel Las Vegas. Today Naim launches Mu-so Qb, a more compact, but equally musically enjoyable, wireless loudspeaker system.  There can’t be many people involved in the hi-fi business who have missed the success of Naim’s Mu-so wireless music system. It combines Naim’s normal priorities of a highly enjoyable and engaging sound quality with dramatic…

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