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The stand-alone digital to analogue converter is back in fashion ‘in a big way’. In response, the Chord Company is releasing their second digital cable in one month – Signature AES/EBU.The vast majority of DACs are fitted with either coaxial digital or optical connections but increasingly AES/EBU connections are appearing.

Chord has spent many months experimenting, with what has often been a frustratingly difficult connection, and believes that the new Chord Signature AES/EBU is the right answer.

One of the real challenges with the AES/EBU connection is that audiophiles have often found that, despite the technical advantages that the AES/EBU connection offers, a high quality S/PDIF connection will produce the better quality sound.

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The Signature AES/EBU is an entirely new design where each conductor is separately shielded using a high-frequency effective shield.The three solid-core conductors are produced using a specially-treated high-purity oxygen-free copper.The insulation is gas foamed polyethylene and the shields themselves are of a multi layer design using a composite of materials.High quality Neutrik XLR connectors are used.

Serious attention has been paid to the termination and configuration of the cable and in particular, the way in which the shields are connected.The result is a cable that Chord feel will allow users to hear just how good the AES/EBU connection can sound, and that the Signature AES/EBU is a genuinely viable alternative to the more commonly used S/PDIF connection.