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Naim launches SuperLine – the high-end Phono amplifier

Naim celebrates 50 years of vinyl standards.

Naim, the UK’s leading high-end hi-fi manufacturer, will deliver the first SuperLine high-end phono amplifiers in March 2008, 50 years after the RIAA in the USA set the standard for the modern stereo vinyl LP.

The design goal for SuperLine was to extract the ultimate musical presentation and maximum possible detail from vinyl records.

SuperLine, Naim’s reference active phono stage includes a three-stage phono engine for optimum results with moving coil cartridges. It delivers true RIAA equalisation accurate to 0.1dB.

The SuperLine requires an external power supply – either from the (Aux2) power supply output of a Naim preamplifier or the SuperNait integrated amplifier or, for optimum performance, a dedicated HiCap or SuperCap.

Paralleled phono and BNC sockets provide input versatility. Cartridge impedance matching adjustment is provided by four resistive and three capacitive load plugs. In combination with the SuperLine’s internal input load, twenty different standard load combinations are possible as standard.

Key points
BNC and WBT nextgen RCA inputs
Ultra low-noise
Sub-sonic suspension for electronics: using a spring mounted 4.4kg brass sub chassis
Paralleled DIN connectors for adjustable (R & C) cartridge load optimisation
Powered by Aux input of preamp or SuperNait, HiCap or SuperCap
Burndy connector for SuperCap power: uses 13 supplies from SuperCap
25 internal regulated very low-noise supplies
Three-Stage Phono Engine – Single-ended Class A
Passive single-pole low-pass filtering
Fixed Gain
Floating rear panel – mounted to floating sub chassis
New five-transistor quiet room for thermal stability
Low microphony mechanical design
Low eddy current aluminium case and chassis

Cartridge compatibility 100uV to 500uV
Gain 64dB @ 1kHz
Signal to Noise 82dB ref 500uV input, 0ohms Z (A-weighted)
Distortion <0.005% (500uV @1kHz)
Frequency response 10Hz to >200kHz –3dB
RIAA accuracy + 10Hz HPF +/-0.1dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Crosstalk >80dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Max output 7.5VRMS (21Vpkpk)
Input overload 5mVrms (1kHz)
Weight 7.7kg
Loading 10k, 500R, 220R, 100R (resistive)
1nF, 2nF, 6nF, 11nF (capacitive)

And here are some SuperLine images

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