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NAIT XS Integrated Amplifier

New performance-upgradeable NAIT joins the family

Its development project name was the NAIT Speed, reflecting its objective – Performance, Performance and more Performance. The XS delivers 60 watts per channel into eight ohms and 90 watts per channel into four ohms.
The NAIT XS shares the elegant non-resonant non-magnetic chassis and bodywork of the NAIT 5i, but the overall design is derived from the engine of the SUPERNAIT.

THE NAIT XS shares a heritage of 25 years of award-winning market-influencing Naim NAITs (Naim Amplifier InTegrated). The NAITs are amplifiers that have led the world in delivering music to enthusiasts, students, vice-presidents and indeed anyone with a passion for music.
The space within the slim-line case has been fully utilised optimising the signal path. Components that like space are given it. Overall the circuitry – the minimum switching and relays are, for example, like a sports car stripped back to essentials for the track – delivers a performance that’s exciting and full on.
The performance of the NAIT XS hasn’t just been achieved by simplifying the signal path; it includes some true innovations. This design is the first to use Naim’s newly developed bayonet PCB mounting technique that delivers a consistent board ‘float’; reducing microphonic effects. The heat sink is castellated to enable maximum cooling for reliability, maximum dynamics and to reduce capacitance effects from potentially longer PCB tracks.
Key Features
• Series 5 Aluminium chassis and sleeve with zinc die-cast front panel.
• Upgradeable with FlatCap, HiCap or SuperCap power supplies
• 6 line inputs: 4 x RCA/DIN, 1 x RCA/3.5mm jack, 1 x powered input for phono stage
• Auto switching 3.5mm stereo jack socket for iPod/MP3 player input on the front panel
• Aux 2 power for phono stage
• 60WPC into 8 ohm or 90WPC into 4 ohm
• 380VA toroidal transformer
• 5 separate secondary windings: 2 x L&R power, 1 x pre, 1 x display, 1 x relay switching
• AV unity gain option (AV bypass switchable)
• Full bandwidth stereo subwoofer output
• Preamp similar to SUPERNAIT
• Can be split to use as a preamplifier or power amplifier
• Remote control for volume and input selection
• Programmable Auto Input Switching (AIS)
• Compatible with a wide choice of cables and speakers

Here are some images of the ‘XS

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