Identity theft, fraud and the time wasted

Uncategorised By Feb 25, 2009

A man with the initials TL (I’m not choosing to use his name as it will just stay around forever on Google searches) has been fraudulently using my company name. He evidently is being searched out by the Irish police.

He has been advertising that he has bulk quantities of iPods and iPhones available.  Judging from a few of the calls I have taken, some people have sent him money.

This situation is truly awful.  People are being ripped off and they don’t seem to have any recourse via where TL advertises.

I can see why he isn’t using eBay, at least they seem to take fraud seriously.

I can see this situation wasting so much of my time.  There is no easy way of making this go away.  Although the ads have gone from Alibaba there are still mentions via Google searches.  At least they dead end.

If you have any good suggestions email me.