iPhone app for Naim HDX

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25 February 2010. Salisbury England. Naim today confirmed that the HDX app to control the Naim HDX Hard Disk Player is available from the Apple iTunes app store.

The HDX app, was designed and coded in-house by Naim’s software team.

The HDX app, which also controls the primary output of NaimNet Music Servers, was developed following customer feedback provided via Naim’s long-running and influential forum.

Naim’s HDX App allows you to control your HDX hard disk player remotely. With your music library at your fingertips, you can now sit back and take control. Browse and play any of the music stored on your HDX with the easy-to-use app.

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Click on an image to open a print quality 300dpi copy

Can’t decide what to listen to? Then choose an album, artist, genre or even conductor or composer, tap Shuffle and let the HDX decide for you, instantly creating a randomised playlist.

The easy to use Naim HDX App allows you to control your HDX hard disk player from anywhere within connection range of your Wi-Fi network. With your music library at your fingertips, you can now sit back and control your HDX from the comfort of your armchair or even the end of the garden.

Use the extended metadata available from the HDX’s Extended Music Database to view detailed info on any album or track. This information can include track and album contributors’ names and even individual musicians on a per track basis.


Play, pause and skip tracks

Random play of all tracks from any browse list

Browse your music library by album, artist, genre, newest album, last played, top 100, composers, conductors or performers

Album cover art display for the ‘now playing’ track

Get detailed info on any album or track with the info icon on the ‘now playing’ screen or by pressing and holding the album or track name in any of the browse lists

Detailed Info View includes cover art and performer information

The Naim HDX

Naim’s HDX is a significant success. Combining a state-of-the-art CD ripper with in-built storage, Naim’s power supply expertise and audiophile engineering know-how together in a traditional hi-fi low resonance case was an innovative step, that set the standard — and more importantly is still setting the standard — for ripped CD or hi-res audio playback. The HDX is upgradeable by the addition of an external power supply – the XPS or 555 PS or the Naim DAC.

Naim servers are powered by the DigiFi(tm) platform,
leading edge software technology licensed from
DigiFi Ltd of London.
Copyright notice: HDX users are reminded that
copying CDs may, in certain circumstances, be illegal.
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