Major new HDX Update — version 1.5

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17 February 2010. Salisbury England. Naim Audio today confirmed that the new update — Version 1.5 — for the Naim HDX Hard Disk Player is available for retailers to download. In addition, thousands of CDs are in the post to Naim retailers to enable them to update their customers’ HDXs.

Naim recommends customers and retailers wait for the CDs to arrive but has enabled the retailer download for those impatient to try the update on demo machines. Retailers will receive the CDs. They will contact their customers directly.

Version 1.5 brings a major improvement in convenience with rip to NAS and far more flexible networking. Shares are scanned or ignored by selection thus reducing scanning time and improving speed of music availability. This part of the update alone will bring massive benefits to many Naim customers who have large collections of music waiting further ripping.

The addition of a highly specified UPnP server adds huge flexibility as it makes all the HDX active shares available to networked UPnP players — for example the award-winning NaimUniti and recently launched UnitiQute — with the additional flexibility of: native format; converted to .wav or sampled to 16Bit 44.1kHz depending on the requirements of the UPnP player concerned.

192kHz 24Bit files are now handled natively, increasing the sound quality still further.

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Major feature changes with Version 1.5

• Option to Rip to NAS (rips to local hard drive then transfers to NAS once rip complete)

• UPnP server which can serve six streams concurrently

• Support for AIFF and ALAC files

• Manual setup of share location possible

• Ignore network host/share

• Forced rescan and manual add of network share

• Fast network scan including memory of selected shares so no waiting for rescan on reboot

• Playlist increased to 500 items

• Playlist can have offline content

• Ability to move albums from local to NAS and back again

• Many improvements to Front Panel/TV/Web User interface – manage music, assign genre, rename artist, search by letter, etc

• Native 192kHz playback

• FLAC decoder updated

• Music on local hard drive now exposed as a shared folder (read only)

• Update of Desktop Client with improved Vista and Windows 7 support

• Transcoding of audio for NaimNet environment