Naim’s Choice showcases Naim’s Favourites

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18th May 2011. High End Show Munich. Naim today confirmed that a new internet radio feature will be added to its range of network and all-in-one audio players.

Naim’s Choice internet radio selection includes an exclusive link to the Radio Paradise 320kbps AAC stream

Naim’s Choice adds an extra menu item to the iRadio options. It highlights and gives easy access to internet radio stations that Naim consider to be of particular musical and/or sound quality interest or ones that are not available using the conventional 5* V Tuner Full service.

An example of this at launch is the Radio Paradise 320kbps AAC stream, which is exclusively available to Naim NDX, UnitiQute and NaimUniti owners. Over the years Naim has developed a great relationship with Radio Paradise and the idea of an exclusive higher quality stream came from Managing Director Paul Stephenson. When the idea was proposed to Radio Paradise owners, Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith, they were delighted to assist.  Radio Paradise prides itself on the sound quality of its output as well as the eclectic choice of music carefully selected and mixed by two human beings.

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Another featured radio stream is AVRO Klassiek from the Netherlands, which outputs classical music in a 320kbps MP3 stream.

BBC Radio 3 HD’s 320kbps AAC stream and Radio 4’s 128kbps AAC stream have been included for Naim’s UK owners. Unfortunately these higher quality streams are unavailable outside of the UK.

Naim’s Choice will be changed and added to as more fine quality internet radio stations start up or are located.  Suggestions can be posted on the Naim Forum. As there are roughly 17,000 internet radio stations available on the Naim streamers it may take a while to evaluate.

Naim owners already have the ability to save their own personal favourites into added stations and the numerical presets on their players.

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