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On demonstration for the first time at the Bristol Sound and Vision show February 20-22, and on sale from April 2009, the NaimUniti – the more music box – will deliver the customary Naim sound quality and emotional connection to music to a new generation of customers as well as existing ones.
Naim developed the NaimUniti in recognition of a growing demand for integrated solutions. Sophisticated consumers are becoming used to converging audio sources but can be reluctant to compromise on quality. Now they don’t have to.


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The NaimUniti is the first all-in-one audio player to offer so many sources: CD, FM/DAB, Internet Radio, MP3/iPod, Digital Audio Music Streams and USB: making it the most music box.

NaimUniti‘s Internet Radio player takes Internet Radio (iRadio) seriously, it’s not the afterthought that internet radio so often appears to be. It offers the listener a wealth of musical options, thousands of stations – narrowcasting at its finest – now easily accessible from a Hi-Fi component and available in Naim-quality sound.

Also key is NaimUniti‘s digital audio music streaming capabilities. NaimUniti can wirelessly stream music stored on UPnPTM networked devices, providing access to even more music.

With its onboard DAC, NaimUniti becomes the ultimate audio source hub, able to interface with digital audio sources, such as computers and gaming consoles and the latest TVs.

NaimUniti has a front panel USB port for playback of music stored on USB memory sticks and suitable mp3 players. NaimUniti will take over control, and display content stored on most mp3 players connected via its front panel USB port.

NaimUniti‘s CD swing drawer and transport suspension are as used on the award-winning CDX2, as is the magnetic disc clamp; a low inertia, resonance-controlling device that ensures both rigid coupling and mild damping without adding to the task of the drive servo mechanism by increasing rotational inertia. This allows the Philips’ sourced VAM1202/12 transport to deliver a performance considerably in advance of what it could if used in a conventional tray mechanism. NaimUniti is the first Naim player to utilise the new, more rigid, beam-strength mounting of the swing drawer on the front panel supported by the base.


NaimUniti includes a FM/DAB tuner for those stations that have yet to move to dual- or triple-casting.  Tuner presets are transparent to source.  Preset one for example can be FM, DAB or Internet Radio.


The optional n-Link, Naim’s custom designed iPod connector, cable allows the NaimUniti user to connect and charge their iPod through the NaimUniti‘s dedicated rear panel iPod input. Connecting an iPod to NaimUniti via the n-Link also enables iPod control and display of music content via the NaimUniti front panel.

Also known as Naim Uniti

Feature summary

A complete audio system – just add speakers

The most music in one place ever

True Naim source component performance

Simple, logical and easy to use

More radio than ever FM, DAB and iRadio

Connect to your iPod using Naim’s n-Link

NaimUniti is a standalone product, although it can be upgraded by the addition of a separate power amp.

Firmware upgradeable

NaimUniti has a simple user interface

NaimUniti has Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity

NaimUniti is a uPnP enabled digital audio music stream player

NaimUniti has an on-board DAC with 5 digital inputs

Naim non-resonant non-magnetic case

OLED display for high contrast

Remote control

Bass management for use with sub-sat systems

Large toroidal transformer 330VA with 6 secondary windings


Product quick summary

Imagine a Naim CD5i and NAIT 5i in one quality Naim chassis with Internet Radio, uPnP Music Streaming, FM, DAB, MP3 and USB stick connectivity together with iPod control connectivity and charging and you have NaimUniti in one.



Audio Outputs:

Speaker output,

Line output (L+R RCA)

Sub output (2 Mono outputs via RCA),

Pre-amp output (DIN)
Tape Output Fixed:                          275mV, 600Ω
Preamp Output load:                        10kΩ to ∞
Frequency Response:                       20Hz – 50 kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:                       80dB
Phase response on CD:                    Linear phase, absolute phase correct
Power Output:                                  50WPC into 8Ω 90WPC into 4Ω
Other Outputs:                                 Headphone 3.5mm jack

Antenna inputs:                                F type
Analogue inputs:                              3.5mm socket on front,


1*DIN with power to support Stageline phono stage
Digital Inputs:                                  5 SPDIF (2*optical, 2*coaxial, 1*3.5mm jack
Input overload:                                 27 dB (Rear panel connections) (Front panel: 33.8 dB)
Input sensitivity:                              Rear: 275mV at 22kΩ, Front 125mV at 10kΩ
USB:                                               Front panel socket
Other Inputs:                                   Ethernet and iPod (analogue)

Remote input:                                  Rear panel
RS232:                                            Rear panel
Audio files supported:                       Internet radio (WMA, MP3 Streams, MMS)

Playlists (M3U, PLS)
MP3, AAC (up to 320 kbps, CBR/VBR),

Apple Lossless (from iPod)
Windows Media-formatted content (up to 320 kbps)

CD formats disc compatibility:           Redbook and CD-R

Supply Voltage:                               100-120V or 220V to 240V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D):                  87 x 432 x 314mm
Weight:                                           11.3kg
Shipping weight:                               14kg
Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D):     240 x 590 x 500mm

Finish:                                             Black

iRadio Service provider:                    Full vTuner service 5«««««

Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards
iPod and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Windows MediaTM is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
UPnP is a trademark of the UPnP forum



Naim R&D, when asked, suggested the following Internet Radio stations



Location/Europe/Ireland/Celtic/LiveIreland1 – nice music, rubbish metadata!

Location/Europe/France/All/1onAir Connect – inoffensive ‘pop music’ I often have in the background

Location/Europe/United Kingdom/Classical/Classic FM – clue’s in the name!

Location/Europe/United Kingdom/Electronica/1 Mix Radio Trance – clue’s in the name!


Location/Oceania/Australia/Triple M – Low bit rate general local aussie radio


BBC Radio3 World routes and Jazz library podcasts

BBC Radio4 Farming today podcast (ooo arrr)

Location/Europe/Netherlands/Electronica/The jungle train

Location/Europe/Denmark/Electronica/DR Electronica

Location/Europe/Denmark/Jazz/DR Jazz

in fact, All the Denmark/DR stations are pretty darned good

Location/Europe/France/Radio Campus Toulouse

Location/Europe/France/Radio Pikan (low bitrate dodgy island music from the indian ocean!)

Location/Internet only/Electronica/Soma

Location/Internet only/Reggae/BIGUPRADIO



Location/Europe/France/FranceInter – the station that helps in times of homesickness