The New Motive SE2 Loudspeaker

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Munich High End Show 6 May 2010. Neat announced that the Motive SE2 loudspeaker — which was received so favourably when in prototype form at the Bristol Hi-fi Show in February 2010 — will be in full production in June 2010.

The SE2 is based on the Motive 2 from the award-winning Motive series that has been in production for five very successful years. Bob Surgeoner owner and founder of Neat Acoustics has decided to maximise the true potential of this the Motive 2 ultra-compact floorstanding design in the form of the Motive SE2.

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Outwardly, there is little to distinguish between the SE2 and its brother. The main clue being the inclusion of the EMIT planar/ribbon type tweeter, which replaces the inverted titanium dome used in the standard Motive 2. This new version of the EMIT device is compliantly mounted to provide isolation from cabinet vibration effects. With its extended frequency response and natural representation of tonal colour, it helps to elevate performance far beyond what one might expect from such a diminutive and domestically acceptable enclosure.

Internally, the cabinet includes additional bracing and damping, and is divided into discrete volumes. The tweeter is housed in one, to isolate it from the back pressure developed by the main LF/Midrange drive unit. This main drive unit now operates in a smaller internal volume than previously. The downward firing reflex port has been retuned accordingly. This brings tighter bass, with better all-round control. The Motive SE2 also delivers higher SPLs when required.

The hard-wired crossover has been re-optimised using upgraded components, including differing value polypropylene film capacitors wired in parallel and oxygen-free copper air-cored inductors with reinforced glass-fibre formers.

The Motive SE is extremely revealing without being overtly analytical, and it paints a huge sonic picture, making it the perfect solution for those seeking a superior musical experience from a compact and stylish package.


Bass Driver 134mm coated paper cone with rubber surround

HF Unit 25mm EMIT planar/ribbon

Enclosure type: Two-way bass reflex, staggered tuning

Recommended amplifier power: 25 – 200 watts

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal (6 Ohms minimum)

Sensitivity: 86 dB/1 Watt

Size (hxwxd): 765x160x200mm