Planning for Father’s Day: the XTZ Room Analyzer

Uncategorised By May 03, 2010

Not sure how it works in your home but here, sometimes, I’m allowed to choose my own father’s day present.  It’s good in the sense that I get what I really want but it’s bad in that I have to pay for it.

This year I am planning on getting a XTZ Room analyzer.  For what it does it’s not too expensive. For what improvements it can help you making to your system it’s really cheap.

It consists of a nicely finished USB microphone / sound card on a stand and some clever software.  It takes about five minutes to unpack and install or it should have.  I use a Naim preamp so I had to find a suitable RCA to DIN adapter to plug in the output of the sound card base.  So after fifteen minutes I was sitting in my favourite chair clicking buttons and measuring the low frequency response of my room.

It seems my room is quite even across the LF but there is just a little too much overall bass.

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Here are a few images I borrowed from the XTZ website.  They show the hardware itself along with images of full range and LF only measurements.  The RT60 plot is also useful.

I’ll come back to the XTZ as soon as I have a spare day- Father’s day perhaps.  It’s really easy to get going and to get some results, but it will take time to turn this into a better sounding system.  I’m convinced that it’s possible though.