Adrian Lyon selected for AOP Awards 2009

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I received this from Adrian Lyon the superb photographer who very generously allowed me to use his images in the header above

Seems rude not to assist, don’t you think?

You may remember last year I was included in the annual Association of Photographers Open competition with my black and white shot of the rows of chairs, which ended up a very close second in the public vote (by about 10 votes out of several thousand!), so thanks to all for voting. That shot was also selected for the Photographers Awards, which is a prestigious professional competition, later in the year.

Well, I’ve been successful again this year with another image so I’d love it if you could support me again and cast your vote in my direction. This time I would like to win the public vote!

This years shot was taken at Christmas time in Thailand and is of a night market with the lights of the market playing on the road though a line of parked motorbikes.

You can vote at

My shot is on the 8th page and is image number 79 77.

The voting system appears to be the same as last year and a bit problematic so if you want to vote for me and can’t get it to work let me know so I can get your vote registered.