Chord HDMI Active

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To follow the success of Chord’s award-winning HDMI Silver Plus, and the recently introduced, performance-on-a-budget HDMI SuperShield, was always going to be an interesting challenge.  Chord considers that they have ridden the bucking bronco of performance and have produced a refined thoroughbred that will enhance the viewing pleasure of the enthusiast – the new HDMI Active. Interestingly, the most significant improvements with the HDMI Active are the sound quality of the new cable.

Chord has continued with their tried and tested solutions of very heavy gauge silver plated oxygen free signal conductors. 26AWG conductors reduce signal attenuation. The shielding used is traditional Chord: overlapped foil shielding around all critical signal paths to minimise crosstalk.  Double outer foil and high-density braid also combine to minimise the levels of external interference.

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The exciting aspect of the Chord HDMI Active is the inclusion of a high frequency filter on all lengths. The filter reduces the intra/inter channel skew between the four pairs of TDMS signals. In tests using Denon, Arcam, Yamaha and Playstation 3 DVD and Blu-ray players all aspects of picture were improved by using the HDMI Active cable.

When compared to The Chord HDMI Silver plus 1.3, the Chord Active produced a more detailed, dynamic and crucially musically coherent sound. The improvement in performance was such that in tests participants consistently chose a 15 metre Chord Active HDMI cable over a similarly priced 1 metre cable. . In factory, and field, testing audio, both two channel and multi channel systems were used.

Technical Specification

  • High frequencies filtered to improve performance
  • HDMI 1.3c 1080p / CAT.2 certified
  • High Quality type A connectors with high purity gold plated signal contacts
  • 340 MHz bandwidth (10.2Gbps) Supports requirements for future high definition display devices. Higher resolutions, and higher frame rates.
  • Deep Colour Supports up to 48-bit colour depths