Are your LEDs too bright?

Uncategorised By Aug 26, 2014

A recent product received for review made my listening room at night look as if it was flooded by daylight.  The designer had chosen LEDs that were far too bright, I guess, to make the DAC concerned jump off the shelf in a retail environment.

A quick Google search found Lightdims the answer to problems I didn’t even know I had.

Not expensive and easy to purchase, a quick bit of dual factor authentication with PayPal later and I’d received confirmation that they had been shipped.

Have a look at this TV ad.  Subtle it isn’t, but it does explain the product well.

They have arrived and they do the job well.  My room is now lit by a subtle blue glow at night. They are a bit fiddly to fit as they don’t come off the backing sheet that easily, but ultimately they are in place and reducing the glare.

Here’s the video I should have watched after they arrived, it does help.

Strongly recommended