Chuck 3D

Uncategorised By Sep 03, 2009

My special blue/amber 3D glasses arrived today.  I ordered them via eBay as I missed all the freebies, luckily they weren’t too expensive.  I didn’t know about the special 3D Chuck episode until I sat down to watch it, so I left it on the sky planner until the glasses arrived.

Was it worth all the hassle? The Chuck 3D effect is actually rather good. Works better on axis to the TV it appears and I think it takes a few seconds to adapt to the effect but it works. I don’t think I could watch a whole programme wearing the glasses they seem rather headache inducing but as a sample of how the art has moved on they were excellent.

I’m sure than the programme would be available for download for those who might have missed it, purely for scientific experiment of course.
I’ve Googled but I can’t find out the source of the technology.  If you know more please point me in the direction of the right website.

More info at possibly