iOS 4 released too early?

Uncategorised By Jul 09, 2010

I’m now wishing I hadn’t upgraded my iPhone to iOS 4.  It is now seriously slow.  Even with the new profile from Apple to fix the Exchange bugs it’s seriously slow. Anybody else think that iOS 4 was released before they had finished it?

Or is it Apple’s way of saying time to upgrade maybe?

With Android phones improving so much and  looking so good, it probably isn’t the time for Apple to drop the ball.  And that statement about the signal strength ‘error’. Do they really think us customers are that stupid.

I have no doubt that Apple will fix the software bugs and I will buy a suitable case to stop the antenna problem  when I buy an iPhone 4.  I also have no doubt that by the time the contact for that phone is up, Apple will have lost the lead on phones.

More when I buy the new phone.