Linux, beneath its friendy exterior is an inpenetratable heart

Uncategorised By Jun 29, 2010

I’ve wasted hours trying to get SqueezeServer running well under Ubuntu 10.04 and then Fedora 13.  I thought I was doing well as I followed the instructions and installed the Spotify plugin and with the addition of Wine it worked brilliantly under Ubuntu.

But, and there is a big but, I could not get either operating system to let me access my NAS drive – or indeed any network drive.  I’ve Googled and tried all sorts of Samba type things but I remain stored music less. So internet radio works, Spotify works but I can’t access any stored music.

So the time has come to give up on such stupid ideas of running a third operating system (or fourth if you include Server 2003) here and the ‘Squeezebox’ PC has reverted to Win7.

At least I tried…

One more thing, I didn’t actually do any serious listening while running under Ubunto but I’m convinced BBC radio – the iPlayer streams – didn’t sound as good.  Weird.