Naim launches SuperUniti: a new high-end all-in-one

Uncategorised By Aug 18, 2011

17 July 2011. Salisbury UK. Naim today announced that they would start shipping their new SuperUniti high-end all-in-one player early in October 2011.

Delivering high-end performance from an all-in-one design in a classic triptych package, the SuperUniti extends the Uniti range and the possibilities for UnitiSystem and extends its suitability for large rooms and those who like to play their music just that little bit louder.

It’s easier to consider SuperUniti as a combination of Naim’s hugely successful SuperNait integrated amplifier, the multi-source UnitiQute and a Naim DAC.  This powerful combination encased in one attractive but understated package is sure to bring new owners to the Naim fold.

More information and images here