Naim SuperUniti: a new high-end all-in-one

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17 July 2011. Salisbury UK. Naim today announced that they would start shipping their new SuperUniti high-end all-in-one player early in October 2011.

Delivering high-end performance from an all-in-one design in a classic triptych package, the SuperUniti extends the Uniti range and the possibilities for UnitiSystem and extends its suitability for large rooms and those who like to play their music just that little bit louder.

It’s easier to consider SuperUniti as a combination of Naim’s hugely successful SuperNait integrated amplifier, the multi-source UnitiQute and a Naim DAC.  This powerful combination encased in one attractive but understated package is sure to bring new owners to the Naim fold.

The SuperUniti includes Naim’s latest generation streaming board, including Naim’s latest know-how in digital, six-layer circuit board design, layout and the power to stream 24bit/192kHz sources.

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SuperUniti includes another Naim innovation – a high performance digitally controlled analogue volume control. This delivers the sonic benefits of an analogue volume control like Naim’s traditional use of the Alps ‘Blue Velvet’ with the feedback and flexibility of a digital control.  It includes discrete resistors and high performance electronic switches similar to that used in broadcast and monitoring equipment.

The combination of proven amplifier and DAC expertise and technology with the new streaming board make a product that delivers ease of use, a wonderful musical performance, the ability to let rip for those must play it seriously loud moments. In addition with access to more music than one could possibly consume in a lifetime, 17000+ internet radio stations, CD collections to rip, a huge and diverse selection of music online to download make now a great time to be a music lover and an audiophile.

SuperUniti is all about performance, it might be a single box but it still performs in a way one would expect of a Naim component.  It communicates the power and emotion of music regardless of source.

Connect a pair of loudspeakers and find out.


  • Streaming from UPnP sources up to 32Bit Float 192kHz
  • Six Digital inputs, BNC, RCA, 3*Optical and front panel optical)
  • Zero S/PDIF Jitter design
  • 16 Times oversampling of 44.1kHz or 48kHz signals
  • Automatically switches to asynchronous sample rate conversion if input is out of specification
  • Memory buffered digital input
  • Naim custom designed Digital Filtering and 16 times oversampling (aka Integer Upsampling)
  • Naim custom-designed digitally controlled analogue volume control
  • Multi-format radio (Internet, FM, DAB)
  • Naim’s Choice allowing access to higher quality iRadio streams
  • Front-panel USB for iPod/MP3 player and USB memory stick playback
  • Apple authenticated enabling digital output from iPod for ultimate quality
  • iPod and iPad control, charging and content display when connected to front-panel USB
  • 3.5mm front panel input that supports both analogue and digital sources
  • Three analogue inputs (DIN, RCA and 3.5mm front-panel socket)
  • Two analog outputs (DIN and RCA)
  • 80W per channel into 8Ohm
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Plays WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, Windows Media-formatted content, AAC and Ogg Vorbis from any suitable UPnP device together with WAV, AIFF, AAC, MP3 and ALAC from an iPad
  • Gapless playback on all streamed formats
  • Digital Out on 75Ohm BNC connector (RCA adapter supplied)
  • Front-panel display with intuitive interface, remote-controlled
  • Front-panel 3.5mm headphone output
  • Front panel logo touch-sensitive mute function
  • vTuner 5* full service internet radio service
  • Linear Power supply with 400VA toroidal transformer with five separate secondary windings
  • Separate power supplies for control and DSP, DAC, analogue, and L+R power amplifier
  • Ground selector switch for optimum performance
  • High quality Burr Brown DAC
  • Naim Classic Series, non-resonant, non-magnetic case
  • OLED display for high contrast
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Naim’s Zero S/PDIF Jitter Design

Naim’s buffer or memory method of jitter removal relies on a simple concept: the audio data is clocked into the memory at the incoming inconsistently-timed rate, and is then clocked out of the memory and into the DAC chips using a precise clock. The rate at which the memory fills and empties is controlled by selecting the master clock that best matches the average incoming clock frequency. In this way, the data entering the DAC chips is completely isolated from the incoming jitter.

The SuperNait digital filtering is handled by an extremely powerful SHARC DSP chip running unique Naim authored code to create an ultra high precision 40bit floating point filter. The filter over-samples by 16 times on 44.1kHz data and provides stop-band attenuation of 156dB with virtually no pass band ripple. Following the digital filter is the Burr-Brown PCM 1791A digital to analogue converter, as used in the NDX and HDX players.

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Naim’s UnitiServe is powered by the DigiFi platform; leading edge software technology licensed from DigiFi Ltd of London.