Naim launches streaming preamplifier – NAC-N 172 XS

Uncategorised By Jul 01, 2012

NAC-N 172 XS the first network enabled streaming preamp from Naim. The ideal starting point for audiophile streaming: flexibility and performance in a slimline package.
The NAC-N 172 XS is Naim’s new network-connected streaming preamplifier, combining the convenience and choice of the streaming revolution with traditional Naim engineering techniques. The NAC-N 172 XS is a network player and preamplifier in one. It adds a new type of streaming device to Naim’s product portfolio.

Siemens S685 IP Dect Phone kills my internet connection

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It is somewhat ironic that changing to a Dect phone system that will also allow VOIP calls has almost killed my internet connection. It seems to be caused by the SMPS supplied with the Siemens connection box rather than the phone itself. Unfortunately the DC input plug is the one size I don’t have so I can’t try a substitute. It even managed to get my Thompson ADSL2+ modem/router to continually reboot yesterday afternoon. I’ve tried mains filters everywhere and even ferrite rings but nothing will bring my internet back up to speed except unplugging the Siemens PS and rebooting the modem.

VAT Reduction – Complete waste of time?

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The 2% ish reduction isn’t enough to bring prices down to the next optical price so what has happened? Some retailers still price in store at the ‘old’ price and take the hit at the till. Good for them – I guess the loss of sales for not being quite as obviously competitive is cheaper than the cost of the many thousands of new price signs that they would need to print. Too many retailers have just increased margins to compensate.