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NAIT XS Integrated Amplifier New performance-upgradeable NAIT joins the family Its development project name was the NAIT Speed, reflecting its objective – Performance, Performance and more Performance. The XS delivers 60 watts per channel into eight ohms and 90 watts per channel into four ohms. The NAIT XS shares the elegant non-resonant non-magnetic chassis and bodywork of the NAIT 5i,…


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Naim launches SuperLine – the high-end Phono amplifier Naim celebrates 50 years of vinyl standards. Naim, the UK’s leading high-end hi-fi manufacturer, will deliver the first SuperLine high-end phono amplifiers in March 2008, 50 years after the RIAA in the USA set the standard for the modern stereo vinyl LP. The design goal for SuperLine was to extract the ultimate…


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    The stand-alone digital to analogue converter is back in fashion ‘in a big way’. In response, the Chord Company is releasing their second digital cable in one month – Signature AES/EBU.The vast majority of DACs are fitted with either coaxial digital or optical connections but increasingly AES/EBU connections are appearing. Chord has spent many months experimenting, with what…

British Federation of Audio

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Formed in 1965 by around thirty British manufacturers of hi-fi equipment, the Federation of British Audio, as it was then called, served to foster the interests of a developing industry and to promote the widest use of its products at home and, especially, overseas. Thanks largely to the dedicated work of those founder-members, British hi-fi equipment became widely respected and…

Blu-ray has landed

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Finally made the decision to experiment with Blu-ray and took advantage of Blockbuster’s deal to carry one home. It took about two hours in all to connect it to my Naim n-Vi and Panasonic Plasma via an Aten HDMI switcher and Chord Company HDMI cables.  Actually possibly the most time consuming elements were reprogramming the Harmony 895 remote control and…

FIP Radio

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Can’t take any credit for finding this station as it was a suggestion from Paul Messenger. FIP is a somewhat idiosyncratic radio station also available on the interweb. Only 128kbs mp3 but it doesn’t sound too bad at all. Good music without too much talking and not that distracting for me anyway, as I don’t understand French