Chord adds Ethernet to Award-Winning HDMI

Uncategorized By Sep 14, 2010

The Chord Company has added Ethernet capability plus an optimised audio return connection to its multi-award winning SuperShield HDMI cable. It will come as no surprise that the all new cable is now called: the Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet. Click on an image to open a 300dpi version Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet…

Chord Co Cadenza Interconnect

Uncategorized By Aug 16, 2010

A classic design revisited: based on the original Chord Chorus, the Cadenza uses heavy-gauge silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors in a twisted pair configuration. The 18 gauge multi-strand conductors deliver a more neutral tonal signature than the slightly larger 16 gauge of its predecessor, while maintaining the big, bold and dynamic presentation that so many Chorus owners loved. The conductors…

ChameleonPlus Interconnect

Uncategorized By Jun 16, 2010

As the seasons move, in one month, from Spring to Summer to Spring to Winter and back to Summer, Chord has launched the new ChameleonPlus interconnect. Like the Summer sky the ChameleonPlus is brilliant blue. Click on an image above to open a 300dpi version ChameleonPlus contains four identical sets of silver-plated, multi-stranded, oxygen-free copper conductors. Each set of conductors…

New from Chord: CobraPlus interconnect

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Spring may be late, but green is the colour for April at The Chord Company as April brings the new Chord CobraPlus interconnect cable. At £66.00 for a one metre pair of RCA to RCA cables, CobraPlus represents a considered purchase. Cobra 3, the previous occupant of this price point was hugely successful, both in shop run demonstrations and also…

Chord Crimson gets a Plus

Uncategorized By Feb 24, 2010

It has often been said that designing a budget hi-fi product is far harder than a cost no object state-of-the-art gargantuan product. To design a budget cable that is genuinely a significant improvement over its predecessor is a tough task. To make it better in communication of music as well as traditional hi-fi requirements is doubly tough. Chord CrimsonPlus rises…

Chord HDMI Active

Uncategorized By Jul 13, 2009

To follow the success of Chord’s award-winning HDMI Silver Plus, and the recently introduced, performance-on-a-budget HDMI SuperShield, was always going to be an interesting challenge.  Chord considers that they have ridden the bucking bronco of performance and have produced a refined thoroughbred that will enhance the viewing pleasure of the enthusiast – the new HDMI Active. Interestingly, the most significant…

SuperShield – New budget HDMI cable from Chord

Uncategorized By May 19, 2009

Chord’s new and extremely pretty SuperShield HDMI is available now and will cost £49.95 for a 1 metre, £69.95 for a 3 metre and £89.95 for a 5 metre cable. It’s targeted at the entry-level end of the specialist market where the performance:price ratio is absolutely critical. Click on one of the images and it will open enabling you to…

Chord SuperScreen Mains Cable

Uncategorized By Feb 16, 2009

As designers will often say, designing a product with a strict budget in mind is very often far harder than designing something state of the art. Chord set out to achieve superb performance at a very affordable price.  The SuperScreen mains cable delivers wonderful value for money at £65 for a one metre cable. Radical requests bring radical ideas and…