FinkTeam WM-3 Loudspeaker

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Background and technical information What happens when the team that develops some of the world’s most successful loudspeakers, albeit for other companies, decides to make something for itself? For reasons that may be just ‘because we can’ or maybe ‘we need a better monitor to understand our electronics product development’ or maybe just “what happens if we bring all our…

Atlas Cables launch New Equator high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet

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1st May 2012 – Kilmarnock, Scotland – Technology-driven British audio video cable manufacturer, Atlas Cables, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of HDMI cables, setting a new standard of picture and sound quality.  The cable is significantly thinner and more flexible than its specialist competitors  making installation and cable dressing particularly easy. The new Atlas Equator…

Chord Company launches USB SilverPlus

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Responding to demand from computer audiophiles requesting a Chord quality USB cable, the USB SilverPlus launches with no pretensions to technical supremacy through advanced materials or unique construction techniques. It does however benefit from twenty years’ experience in designing cables that make a real difference. USB SilverPlus is based on the technical understanding and empirical experience that developing successful cables…

Chord Company Introduces the Chord VEE Plug

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Inspired by the hand-turned acrylic plugs fitted to the high-end Sarum, Signature and Indigo interconnects, the new VEE Plug delivers demonstrable improvements in performance to all of the Chord interconnects now supplied as standard with the VEE plug. The new Chord VEE (Vibration Eliminating Enclosure) plug is high-pressure precision injection-moulded from ABS plastic chosen for its excellent vibration damping properties….

Chord Active SilverPlus High Speed Cable HDMI

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The Chord Company has started to deliver its new high-end HDMI cable to retailers. The new Active SilverPlus High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet replaces Active SilverPlus. This new cable, fully certified as High Speed in all lengths – and available in lengths up to 15 metres – includes an audio-optimised audio return and Ethernet capability. Active SilverPlus includes an…

Chord adds Ethernet to Award-Winning HDMI

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The Chord Company has added Ethernet capability plus an optimised audio return connection to its multi-award winning SuperShield HDMI cable. It will come as no surprise that the all new cable is now called: the Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet. Click on an image to open a 300dpi version Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet…

Chord Co Cadenza Interconnect

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A classic design revisited: based on the original Chord Chorus, the Cadenza uses heavy-gauge silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors in a twisted pair configuration. The 18 gauge multi-strand conductors deliver a more neutral tonal signature than the slightly larger 16 gauge of its predecessor, while maintaining the big, bold and dynamic presentation that so many Chorus owners loved. The conductors…

ChameleonPlus Interconnect

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As the seasons move, in one month, from Spring to Summer to Spring to Winter and back to Summer, Chord has launched the new ChameleonPlus interconnect. Like the Summer sky the ChameleonPlus is brilliant blue. Click on an image above to open a 300dpi version ChameleonPlus contains four identical sets of silver-plated, multi-stranded, oxygen-free copper conductors. Each set of conductors…